Unordinary Thinking No. 2 – An alternative approach to street food

We all love to be inspired. Some of us consume for knowledge, some for motivation and others because it makes us feel better about the world around us. Whichever way we all take something from it.

We love to be inspired by unordinary propositions. For us they tick all of the reasons above. When we find them, we make a noise about them.

Meet Cristiano Meheghin. An Italian foodie who fell in love with London street food. He felt the time was right to push street food in to new spaces. So he brought his family a book of recipes using offal, quinto quarto (translated as the fifth part of four) passed down by his grandmother from Piedomt, to England to bring a new flavour to the streets.

Based at the Southbank, Cristiano uses cuts from the one third of the animal normally thrown away. But supplemented with the flavours inherited from his grandma he is able to create tasty food from these less expensive cuts, which makes the business model work.

An unordinary proposition for the modern palates of Londoners which is achieving stand out on the streets.

Posted by Christopher Brooks

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