Unordinary Thinking No.3 – Dock Dogs

We are inspired by businesses and brands that seek to find sustainable ways to create stand out, cut through the clutter and form emotional engagements with their audiences in ways which others don’t achieve. And in a stagnant economic climate, it is these unordinary propositions which often shine out. And, from the number of hits on the previous two blogs, it’s great to know so many of you are interested in these too.

Adding to Austrian Airlines and Tounge ‘n’ Cheek we bring you Dock Dogs.

Hundreds of dogs jumping off a jetty into a water tank. Bonkers? No, a business.

I first came across this idea last year at a county fair in Suffolk and saw it again recently which reminded me of its popularity. And it’s the popularity of it which is most striking because Dock Dogs have managed to turn a basic exercise for a dog into a spectator sport and a business.

If you’ve ever owned a dog you will know there is nothing more annoying than your beloved pet jumping out from a river bank and into the river. It means a mop up exercise at a minimum. And if you’ve never owned a dog, have you ever stood and been excited enough to stop and watch dogs jump in to river.

It’s not a joy for owners, and it’s not that much fun to watch if you are not an owner. On this basis Dock Dogs shouldn’t work, but it does.

Here’s how. Owners pay to watch their dogs jump from a platform out into a large tank of water. And people, with or without dogs, stand at tank height four or five deep and clap and cheer as dogs leap into the water. Small dogs, tall dogs, gun dogs, toy dogs all take their turn to see who can jump the furthest.

It has taken an unordinary entrepreneur to have the vision to see this one through.

But there it is: very popular and hopefully profitable too.

Posted by Christopher Brooks

Lexden is a marketing strategy agency which creates unordinary propositions to motivate customers and deliver commercial advantage for brands.

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