What exactly is in a name?

We are normally reasonably serious in what we write in our blogs but, just occasionally, we like to have a bit of fun.  So, sincere apologies in advance for any offence caused.  But I could not resist.

Naming your business is one of those things that nobody wants to get wrong.  Below are a few I have seen on my travels which, shall we say, may be right because they are just a bit wrong:

Singhsbury’s Superstore

I had heard about this shop in north London.  I don’t know what all the fuss is about.  After all, why wouldn’t Mr Singshbury name his grocery store after himself?

Goodenough College

With so much emphasis on league tables, competition for students and dumbing down of educational standards, it is admirable that this establishment explicitly states the type of education you can expect to get there.

Tasty Café

This one intrigued me when I passed it and I just had to go in to and sample it.  And let me tell you, I was very impressed when I took a lick of the table.

TC Young Solictors

It is increasingly hard for young adults to get jobs these days so a law firm resourced by such people deserves support.  Who would have a problem putting them in charge of a multi-million leverage buy out or to defend someone falsely accused of murder?

Kings Cross Eye Clinic

These days the internet has allowed even the very niche of businesses to flourish.  I think it is tremendous that Mr King is able to provide a service to help people with cross eyes.

Rush Hair

The Algerian fellows on Holloway Road who cut my hair like to take their time.  Not at this hair salon down.  The female clientele are straight in and straight out.

Now I am not necessarily saying that these businesses have got their naming strategy wrong.  Just that there is always someone who might see things a little differently to yourself.  Any more out there?

Posted by Ajai Ranawat

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