Satisfied customers – it’s a marathon, not a sprint

Blog piece-001It seems customer expectations aren’t static. You need to measure your customer experience against a better world, rather than today’s state.

Over the last two years the average levels of satisfaction amongst consumers has increased from 75% to 78%. Much of this is as a direct result of brands recognising the importance of putting customers back at the heart of their decision making.

The Institute of Customer Service January 2013 figures show which industries are defined by the customer experience (service aspect) for the right reasons, and which are famous for the wrong reasons.

It’s important that you appreciate the customer expectations for your sector when you set your own measures. Your customers will have come from somewhere else where those expectations are being met, which might mean that although you’ve acquired them on price, they’ll leave pretty soon if the experience isn’t right (probably before the ROI model is achieved too).

Which leads to a final thought – are you factoring your CX performance into your ROI assumptions? If not you could be blind to the truth behind your performance data.

Posted by Christopher Brooks.

At Lexden we work with brands to attract and retain customers. We achieve this by helping them to understand what makes their customers tick, build memorable customer experience strategies and create engaging value propositions.

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