Which customer contact matters the most?

We have started to gather opinions from those who readers our content. Previously we asked, ‘In your opinion, when it comes to a customer experience strategy, which activity will have the biggest impact on ensuring success.’ With the stand out answer being ‘complete several stand out signature experience improvements’ followed by ‘establish a customer culture’, over options such as ‘fix what’s broken’and ‘segment based experience’.

We are now looking to identify which contact with the customer matters the most. When we say matter, we mean which comms have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction, NPS or Effort scores. When we complete customer strategy work with clients we are exposed to some customer interactions which create such a negative impact with the customer, it’s hard for that business to regain the trust that they will need for a long-lasting and mutually valuable relationship. Over time, working on multiple projects, we have started to understand where ‘to fish’ first for the biggest improvement.

We’d like to hear you views on this topic. We’ve picked a handful of the comms that typically come up for review or debate during a customer experience programme. Please indicate which five contact points you think have the biggest impact. If there are other contact points you’d like to add, please complete in the other/comments box.

We will be publishing the results in our July newsletter and on the lexdengroup.wordpress.com blog following that. You can sign up to our newsletter below.

Thanks for your participation. 

Posted by Christopher Brooks

Lexden is a Customer Strategy Agency. We put customers at the start and the heart of the business strategy.

We work with brands to attract and retain happy customers. We achieve this by helping them to understand what makes their customers tick, building memorable customer experience strategies and creating engaging customer value propositions.

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