Which customer contact matters the most? Our findings…

PollThank you to those who participated in our poll to find out which customer touchpoints have the most impact on customer experience. With over 50 practitioners voting, we have some interesting results.

The feeling is that almost 60% of customer experience can be assigned to just four interaction moments. And not one voter believes that sponsorship has any bearing or impact on customer experience.


In priority order, practitioners highlighted the following as the most important interactions:

  1. Call centre (inbound enquiries/complaints)
  2. Customer review sites
  3. Website
  4. Scandal in PR

The call centre may be obvious and may explain why some companies mistakenly let customer service own customer experience, which can limit the breadth of customer experience improvements to the web and call centre.

The second vote here interests me. I have visited two clients in the last couple of weeks who admit to missing this particular touch point in their customer journey mapping activity. Since the adoption of the internet as a shopping tool, we have known consumers stray from the AIDCA model we grew up on, so we need to ensure our customer journey mapping is less linear too.

Thanks again to all who voted. More topics to follow shortly.

Posted by Christopher Brooks.

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