How thinking small can deliver a big impact to customers

I came across this article in the New York Times which takes our ‘think some’ viewpoint into the world of product. With less time to deliver and more pressure on budgets, the incremental improvements which are managable for a business and motivating for customers, will continue to dominate the new developments space.


When it comes to making a difference in customer experience, we often hear of companies making grand gestures with big budgets or cost cutting in other areas to create funding. Whether it’s channel resource cut backs, new IT platforms or call centre overhauls, the scale of the ‘improvement’ often matches the size of the CX challenge the business faces.

But is that really the best way to respond? Are these changes driven by the clarity of what really matters to customers or are they the desperation of the business to demonstrate it’s trying to fix its own inadequacies?

small ideas

Reassuringly there are brands that think differently and understand that thinking small can deliver a big difference to customers (which will ultimately benefit the business).

I’ve recently come across three great examples of, “Making what matters to customers, matter to the business”. The wonderful thing about each of these ideas is that they…

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