NEW – Competitor CX Analysis

‘Staying Ahead’ is a new report from Lexden highlighting competitor’s customer experience issues.

Where should you look to for inspiration for your own customer experience improvements?

1. Look at the world’s best practice. Beyond your own sector is a world of wonderful customer experiences which are fulfilling the same basic customer requirements which drive stronger relationships. So whatever the sector the experiences can often be transferred between them.

2. Spend time interrogating your customer feedback to find the clues explaining how customers want things to be better and interpret through your brand lens.

3. And now available; subscribe to Lexden’s new Customer Experience Competitor Analysis Tracking Study. 

We track and investigate competitor’s customer experience issues and identify why it drives customers mad. We capture this insight in quarterly sector level reports. We gather customer’s stories and overlay it with social noise to quantify and rank the most important issues. From here we calculate the commercial and brand impact of these issues. The result of which is a full competitor analysis of customer experience issues, ready to exploit.

To receive sample pages from the report, provide your details below. 

The ‘Staying Ahead’ Competitor Customer Experience Tracking Report covers:

  • Summary and ranking of sector level customer experience issues
  • Summary and ranking of worst competitor offenders
  • Cross sector comparisons of customer issues
  • Tracking reporting against previous quarter’s performance
  • Minimum of ten ‘Customer Story Boards’ detailing real customer’s real customer experience issues. Highlights the emotional impact poor CX has on customer’s lives
  • 10 critical data points of brand reputation impact tracked from the customer issues
  • Commercial impact of customer experience issues to the offending customer experience brands
  • Recommendations for improvements to CX issues highlighted from members of Lexden’s Customer Experience Consultancy team

supermarkets Q12015

Sample Issues ranking charts above.

Sectors include Supermarkets, Utilities, Telecoms, Retailers, Airlines, Banking &Insurance.

Full 2015 report schedule and pricing is now available – please submit details above.

Posted by Christopher Brooks, Director Lexden is a Customer Strategy Agency | We put customers at the heart of the decision  We work with brands to attract and retain happy customers | We achieve this by helping them to understand what makes their customers tick, building memorable customer experiences and creating engaging customer value propositions. If you like what you’ve read please sign-up to ‘Putting Customers First’  for fresh insights.  For further information contact or call us on M: +44 (0) 7968 316548 or T: +44 (0)1279 902205.  You can also follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter or read client testimonials and case studies at

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