‘The Right Direction’, a new customer experience effectiveness audit

We work with companies striving to drive profit from customer led strategies.

But only 6% of companies are actually fulfilling their CX potential (Temkins). From our experience there are several areas to be questioned when a customer strategy is falling short of its potential. One of the most important being the customer experience programme structure itself.

In some organisations this is an ‘approach’ where all take an interest at some point, in other cases it’s a very defined set-up with dedicated personnel. In both cases we find there are a number of activities which need to be realigned, further enhanced, removed altogether or introduced to get things back on track.

Our THE RIGHT DIRECTION audit is an expedient review and recommendation service which identifies what needs improving and how. In fact we go further than that.

1. We highlight where you current endeavours will take you in terms of customer experience ROI projections

2. We assess how that varies (costs and revenues) from the stated business expectation

3. We show which activities need further work and how to develop them to ensure they deliver against the business expectation

4. We show what further enhancements could be introduced to deliver an even greater ROI (we look for +4:1).

The diagram below contains further explanation.


Audits take 2 weeks to complete with a report presented back the following week.

We are now scheduling requests for 2015.

Posted by Christopher Brooks, Director

Lexden is a Customer Strategy Agency | We put customers at the heart of the decision 

We work with brands to attract and retain happy customers | We achieve this by helping them to understand what makes their customers tick, building memorable customer experiences and creating engaging customer value propositions.

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