Prof. Dr Philipp Klaus joins Lexden Customer Strategy Consultants

Lexden’s Director, Christopher Brooks announces Prof. Dr. (Phil) Philipp Klaus has joined the Customer Strategy Consultancy as Non-Executive Director.

phil klausPhil Klaus, leading Customer Experience Strategist and scholar, top Amazon ranking business author and globally renowned speaker on Customer Experience Profitability has recently been appointed Non-Executive Director of the leadership team at the Customer Experience Consultancy, Lexden.

Phil shares his views on the importance of driving CX profitability and how it has led him to believe Lexden will be a prime example of Customer Experience Consultancies’ future.

Customer Experience Profitability

“All my life I’ve believed that providing customers with their desired experiences was the most powerful business model to pursue. As a senior manager, prior to becoming an academic, I was exposed to the shortcomings of measuring customer experience profitability based on customer intentions, such as measuring customer satisfaction and NPS. Neither management consultants, nor scholars could provide me with a tool that links CX to purchasing behaviour and profitability. Thus, I took it as a challenge and dedicated four years of my life to finding the solution to the problem. I have remained on this path ever since. My colleagues and I have been collating CX profitability data from a vast range, including some of the world’s largest companies, over the past eleven years. The evidence is there to prove that using ‘EXQ’ to measure CX quality and following certain ‘Vanguard’ practices is the most reliable indicator of CX profitability; measuring actions rather than intentions.”

“I have the privilege of leading a global think tank which has created the link between CX and profitability. We find the 3% who truly profit from CX do so by measuring customer behaviour. These Vanguards have a different mind-set, which includes having the CEO and the CFO on board by talking their language – aligning CX to profitability.”

“EXQ is the measure of Customer Experience Profitability. We know what drives customer behaviour and it’s not NPS. The distinction between using NPS as a motivating internal change management tool and not as a measure of customer experience profitability is one Lexden understands and is an important point of shared interest (and differentiation) Christopher’s team and I have in common.”

New Appointment at Lexden

“The best CX practioners not only recognise how to drive customer profitability from customer experience, they also understand their internal stakeholder’s motivations as well as their customers.”

“CX is about understanding humans; customers and colleagues. I enjoy working with humans who can connect with their audiences in this way. It’s a fundamental requirement to secure support to deliver CX profitability. When I met Christopher Brooks from Lexden it was obvious here was someone who understood how to drive CX profitability effectively and had the important human connection capability. It’s something I soon realised was a nurtured ethos at Lexden and evident in their motivations, methods and management.”

“I travel the world providing keynote speeches on Customer Experience Profitability, so I speak with confidence when I say Lexden has something to contribute which is hugely valuable to clients seeking to achieve higher profitability from their customer experience programmes.”

“It is for these reasons I have joined the board at Lexden to drive forward their focus on effective Customer Experience Profitability assignments. As a key part of the leadership team I will be looking at the capability delivery of the business to ensure we deliver what clients need from CX consultancy partners today and anticipate their future expectations.

“Whilst we are most interested in those companies seeking the common prize [Customer Profitability], how you help a business achieve this differs. Lexden’s agility is a core strength many other more prosaic consultancies would struggle to adopt.”

“Lexden has the desired qualities to be a leading Customer Experience Consultancy, measured by their delivery of profitable outcomes for clients. My responsibility is to guide Christopher and the team to stay true to this potential. This focus means their clients will achieve greater levels of their firm’s customer experience profitability.”

The Future of Customer Experience

“I hear about innovation everywhere I go and it’s always about new solutions to fix the customer problems. Please! I suggest the area to innovate in is gaining richer customer insight to provide better experience outcomes to drive customer profiting behaviours. It’s the customer insight that will spark improved customer profitability from which more effective solutions are born. Talking toys and technology is a sure way to send the CEO running away from investing in CX!”

“Every day, the best practioners learn something new about customers. It is a point in common between my studies and what Lexden prioritises; a perpetual curiosity to understand customer behaviour, how to affect it and the consequential positive impact on business profitability. Through my association this is a key area Lexden will be seeking to exploit in the future.

We help clients build profitable customer experiences and create commercially advantageous customer value propositions

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