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How bottled water, fresh fruit and Ipads build a more emotive Customer Experience

I was judging at the FS CX awards last week. Each year the standard and the activation ideas improve. With some significant developments such as retail banks shifting from business discipline silos to customer journey org structures and others ditching CSAT and other measures in exchange for measuring their ability to fulfil ‘what matters to customers’.

It was a day of inspiration. And being a day time judging and dinner event, I returned home by Greater Anglia train at a reasonable time, stopping at Tesco to pick up some provisions on my way home. At the event, the passion, the performance and the future potential of the finalists impressed me. But so did Greater Anglia and Tesco in their own small way too.

Reflecting on what I’d heard at the event I realised that for all the strategically sound structure and progressive programming, it was the emotionally engaging stories of how customer-led thinking had resulted in a betterment for customers which were staying with me. Especially because the organisations believed it would mean they would retain the heart and the purse of the customer.

It’s the same when I think about the ever increasing number of ‘professional’ speakers on the CX circuit, for all their philosophy without practice experience, it is their emotionally connecting self stories of CX that stick.

With the right framework to ensure ‘what matters most and when’ is prioritised, and is designed consistent to amplify the strength of the brand across all experience activity, any organisation can create it’s own set of low cost, emotionally engaging experiences which customers value, and motivate colleagues.

Here are three which I encountered on the aforementioned day of judgement:

1. Greater Anglia offering bottles of water, for free, to help passengers with the sustained spell of warm weather. It might not have been their idea and it might be an investment to minimise the impact of not being able to deal with dehydrated customers, but leaving cynicism at the ticket gate if I may, this is a lovely gesture.

Whilst not own-able I accept, it doesn’t need to be. It just fulfils a need for a customer, whose route to work is ingrained, they probably only think about refreshment on a hot day when they are half way there.

2. Tesco offering free fruit to children of shoppers. I recall a few years ago working with the Tesco group, before CX really took hold. They were attempting to reaffirm their difference through hundreds of small improvements to the customers experience. Some we see, such as this, others are more operational but help customers in the long run.

So whilst this could be Every Little Helps #147, it stands out because of the benefit to parents, who often need a pacifier for children in store and feel guilty about serving up sweet treats and the children (and from what i can see in our store it’s working) who still seek a distracting pacifier to keep them occupied, but now have one which is good for them. Which in turn is good for the parents soul too.

3. GI provider discovers speaking to the grand kids on Facebook comes before rebuilding the house. I am sure this is becoming common place practice with Home insurance providers, but it’s great when you hear it being delivered all the same. When treated as a standard insurance claim, customers are taken care of through a logical but generic risk management process with steps to put people who encounter a flood or a fire, back to the position they were in before it occurred. That’s what insurance does after all.

Typically the big things like temporary accommodation and assessing what’s damaged are the first steps to be undertaken. But that’s often not what is on the customer’s mind. If you ask them, ‘what do you want done first?’ it’s a more personal and human request pertinent to the life and behaviours they’ve established. For instance, the example I heard was a couple whose house had been impacted had wanted a replacement Ipad because the highlight of their week is a Sunday catch up with their grandchildren in Australia.

I’ve gathered quite a catalogue of these small improvements on my travels. If you have your own, please comment below, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Posted by Christopher Brooks, Director of Lexden, Customer Experience Consultants.

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Protection Industry poll – What matters most to protection customers?

In a couple of weeks time I am speaking at the popular Insurance industry conference PROTECT. My slot is focusing on how to put customers first in your business. With direct experience in the insurance sector as well as banking, gaming, utilities and payment cards, I must say I’m looking forward to it. THis has been reinforced by a chance meeting with the CEO of a major bancassurance provider and a meeting with the Commercial Director of another primary insurance provider. I would say they are two of the most customer centric practioners I have come across in the last few years – so it’s a topic resonating with many organisations now.

lexden badgeI like interactive sessions. I ‘m keen to understand if the insurance industry experts know what are the most important attributes from a customer’s perspective?

I will compare the results from this poll against an established consumer study which highlights the most important attributes to customers, as demonstrated by the top 10 customer experience brands in the UK, who outperform the rest of the FTSE 500 by over 950%.

These brands include banks, e-tailers, home delivery and soap companies (there’s even a GI provider in there) highlighting it doesn’t matter what the industry, what matters most/delights customers more is generally the same across sectors. It’s the way it differs is a sector and brand specific play.

So if you are in the world of protection, take 2 mins out and please vote. What do you think are the three most important attributes from the this list?

On the night at PROTECT I will share the results! As well as highlight what the protection industry is doing well in these important spaces and highlight ‘best in class’ examples from other industries and discuss how lessons learnt can be applied back to protection providers to help improve their customer experience.

Poll closes on September 18th 2013.

If you are keen to see the results then come along. Zurich and Swiss Re are also speaking. Or email ‘results’ to jennytyler@lexdengroup.com and I will forward these to you on 20th September 2013.

Posted by Christopher Brooks

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Unordinary Thinking No.8 – Wheelz

This is a new concept from http://www.Wheelz.com. We feature it because it;s tranferable to countries like England with a simple ‘.co.uk’ adapt.

This American based set up brings together students without cars and those with cars. And through a shared car scheme provides the owner with cash and the student needing a car, with wheels.

This is a great example of an unordinary proposition where ‘a dead asset’ is being made to work harder. This is a trend we have seen in areas of Europe and hope to see more from inspirational entrepreneurs making more out of what they already have. Take 2 minutes to look at the promotional video.

Posted by Christopher Brooks

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