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Guest Blog – Sorry, you’ve got the wrong number

We had record numbers of views of a blog we published a few weeks ago: Three cheers for Wonga 

I was really happy to subsequently be asked by Wonga to write a guest post about “anything I wanted”.  Never had that before.

It really feels that the marketing success story of Wonga is being drowned in the hyperbole and groupthink perpetrated by MPs and the like.

The fact that 92% of existing customers would recommend Wonga to their friends is, I feel, an important part of the debate.

So that’s what I wrote about-a financial services customer proposition which gives customers what they want and the type of thing which the banks and existing players should be emulating.

Here it is…(sorry about the scary picture)



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What exactly is in a name?

We are normally reasonably serious in what we write in our blogs but, just occasionally, we like to have a bit of fun.  So, sincere apologies in advance for any offence caused.  But I could not resist.

Naming your business is one of those things that nobody wants to get wrong.  Below are a few I have seen on my travels which, shall we say, may be right because they are just a bit wrong:

Singhsbury’s Superstore

I had heard about this shop in north London.  I don’t know what all the fuss is about.  After all, why wouldn’t Mr Singshbury name his grocery store after himself?

Goodenough College

With so much emphasis on league tables, competition for students and dumbing down of educational standards, it is admirable that this establishment explicitly states the type of education you can expect to get there.

Tasty Café

This one intrigued me when I passed it and I just had to go in to and sample it.  And let me tell you, I was very impressed when I took a lick of the table.

TC Young Solictors

It is increasingly hard for young adults to get jobs these days so a law firm resourced by such people deserves support.  Who would have a problem putting them in charge of a multi-million leverage buy out or to defend someone falsely accused of murder?

Kings Cross Eye Clinic

These days the internet has allowed even the very niche of businesses to flourish.  I think it is tremendous that Mr King is able to provide a service to help people with cross eyes.

Rush Hair

The Algerian fellows on Holloway Road who cut my hair like to take their time.  Not at this hair salon down.  The female clientele are straight in and straight out.

Now I am not necessarily saying that these businesses have got their naming strategy wrong.  Just that there is always someone who might see things a little differently to yourself.  Any more out there?

Posted by Ajai Ranawat

Lexden is a marketing strategy agency which creates unordinary propositions to motivate customers and deliver commercial advantage for brands.

For more information on how we can help you, contact christopherbrooks@lexdengroup.com or ajairanawat@lexdengroup.com, or call us on T: +44 (0)20 7490 9123.  And you can follow us on Twitter @consultingchris.

Best of ‘A Marketers Diary’ (September 2011)

Each day we are bombarded by thousands of advertising messages. But just how many of them do we actually consume? We decided to collect just one example of a communication every day and explain why it had caught our attention. Here are September 2011’s offerings for your consideration taken from ‘A Marketers Diary 2011-2012’.


Tuesday 6th September 2011 – Extra chewing gum

The copy is exquisite. You can hear Ben’s voice when you read it. Yes, it’s that authentic. They’ve really understood the proposition and creatively dramatised it. Lovely ad and a great ambassador in Ben who is seen as Farm stock turned adventurer rather than reality TV star come good(what was the name of that island on BBC’s Castaway again?). Visit http://www.worthchewingover.com to read the copy in full. There are also other executions.


Saturday 17th September 2011 – Wickes

In my market town, you don’t often see much transport media. So when this drove by early Saturday as I walked across town I noticed it. And do you know what – the very next day I found myself in Wickes looking for a storage unit – coincidence?

By the way Wickes is not a place you will find small storage units.


Sun 18th September 2011 – Virgin Airlines

I love the production values and humour in this Bond inspired ad. In fact, I say shhh at home when it comes on. I don’t think I say that for any other TV ad. Just great. And of course it makes me feel that Virgin is a cooler airline for me to consider. Image links to video of ad.

From ‘The MarComms Diary 2011-2012’. http://bit.ly/tOZ48B

Posted by Christopher Brooks, Director Lexden.

Lexden is a marketing strategy agency which creates unordinary propositions which motivate customers and deliver commercial advantage for brands. To discuss how our approach can help you with your burning platforms, contact christopherbrooks@lexdengroup.com or ajairanawat@lexdengroup.com, or call us on T: +44 (0)20 7490 9123, M: +44 (0)7968 316548. And you can follow us on Twitter @consultingchris.

What would your media footprint look like?

I decided back in May to start a diary. Not one that recorded my innermost thoughts or my hopes and fears. But something a lot more visual than that. The diary is a recording of the marketing communications that had the most impact on me that day. And because of what I do, I travel a fair amount and so have been able to capture a really wide selection of images.

I am using the images to create a broader study of what messages, brands and media appeal. And then, by correlating that impact on my behaviour and attitude towards them, try to understand why they appeal. It’s not scientific but, as someone who is responsible for helping clients develop marketing strategies and build brands and value propositions, being ‘alaways on’ comes with territory. However, I have now been approached to publish the diary when it’s complete and consider how to develop it in to a robust tracking study, so that’s cool.

It’s been running just for nearly six months so I thought I’d take a look at which images have been attracting attention. The overall stats say views increase daily as you’d hope. But when I looked at the individual image stats, it shows that one image has had a whopping 1,486 views!! This is the NatWest ad below.

Why? Who’s looking, or rather, stalking this ad?

There are other NatWest ads, as well as RBS comms which have caught my attention, but the level of interest in this one surprised me. As part of the year diary review I hope to be able to figure out what’s happening here.

In addition to this I have had some other big hitters. Here are the top 5 so far: Lucozade @ 201, Barclays Bank bike scheme @ 67, Halifax @ 50, TalkTalk @ 39 and Red Bull @ 38.

I’ve also had an ad where I managed to crop out the logo of the brand. Ronel Schoeman from www.mawdatasolutions.co.uk applied some cool image searching software to track down the missing brand which turned out to be Marc Jacobs. Thanks Ronni.

It’s probably too soon to be choosing favourites, or pointing out which media reaches me effectively, but there are trends emerging. I seem to be a fan of the unordinary: opera singers at Liverpool Street station for Macmillan Nurses, Renova the coloured toilet roll company using toilet doors to promote their range in Lisbon and Dior’s use of multi screen at Edinburgh airport.

Nearly 6 months later I can still recall these ads with ease and vivid colour. And as I look at the collection, I can also remember how I felt at the time-powerful stuff when it comes to comms. After all, that’s what it’s about.

Please do take a look at the full diary http://www.flickr.com/photos/66864671@N00/sets/72157626556021873/.

I would appreciate any comments. And if your brand is here, let me know whether you think I’ve consumed what was expected of me, or if you feel I’ve given it a rough time.

I’ll leave you with my top 3 memories from the first half of the diary.

Lexden is a marketing strategy agency which creates unordinary propositions to motivate customers and deliver commercial advantage for brands. For more information on how we can help you contact christopherbrooks@lexdengroup.com or ajairanawat@lexdengroup.com, or call us on  T: +44 (0)20 7490 9123. And you can follow us on Twitter @consultingchris.