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Zing and Zest. A meeting of unordinary minds

The camera work isn’t very steady here, but I think it was the excitement of our cool runner bumping in to this promo bike parading two of the new breed of brands. Unordinary proposition brands.

Of course they should be together. You get an overwhelming sense of innovation just by looking at their brands side by side.

The People’s Supermarket (zest) and MetroBank (zing) are two of a new wave of businesses looking to develop a sustainable model based on a proposition which resonates with consumers’ emotional and rational drivers, and is sustainable for the business stakeholders. It requires bravery, talent and the right blend of creativity and commercialism.

Metrobank (https://www.metrobankonline.co.uk)  recently celebrated one year in business. Hats off. Our office is in Holborn so I pass the branch everyday. It’s very European in it’s appearance and very welcoming. With staff who are always smiling and customers with sunny dispositions too.

They have created a space for themselves. And have had the ultimate flattery as the the major high street providers are now following some of their leads. We are sure this trend setter will be already cooking up a dozen new value propositions aligned to their vision (and get that online set up zinging!).

The People’s Supermarket (http://www.thepeoplessupermarket.org) is standing proud. So proud, they post their vision upfront on their website. The alternative to the convention. That’s what we love about it. It’s a brave and challenging proposition. And it required some creative unordinary thinking to see it through.

It’s our view that the economy will be stimulated by unordinary propositions. A compelling proposition wakes up the nation, it makes customers reconsider their preferences and behaviours and, as is the case with the high street banks, this makes the conventional players try a little harder.  So whilst this happens there is a reason for the unordinary and the ordinary to co-exist.


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