The launch of The ‘Customer Experience Leaders Forum’ hosted by Lexden

At Lexden we spend much of our time working with business leaders figuring out how to help them make their business more successful by putting customers at the heart of their organisational decision making. It means we get the privilege of meeting and working with some of the very smartest practitioners in the clients we work with and the partners involved in the programmes we undertake.

Recognising that much of customer experience is transferable because what applies to consumers is adaptable between sectors and across countries we have worked in, we have decided to bring this shared ‘gold’ standard expertise to a wider audience.

To achieve this, Lexden is proud to launch the Customer Experience Leaders Forum. Our suite of benefits such as training, networking events, the CX hot house innovations lab, partnerships collaborations and the CXI mystery shopping files will be available soon. These will be a collection of ‘best in class’ initiatives for leaders in CX to take advantage of. The approach is simple; put something of value in and take something of vale
value out. It’s a knowledge exchange we believe all will benefit from.

vigin blog

We will be forwarding further details to subscribers of our free monthly newsletter,‘Customer First’.

To kick off our launch we are pleased to include an interview with 2 times Customer Experience Award winner Paul Elworthy, Head of Customer Experience Strategy and Planning for Virgin Media. The Customer Experience Magazine has picked up our interview and published it in this months issue. Click on the image above and read what Paul has to say about how NPS has proved critical to the adoption of CX at Virgin Media and his views on how to keep ahead in the world of customer experience.

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Posted by Christopher Brooks, Director of Lexden

Lexden is a Customer Strategy Agency. We put customers at the start and the heart of the business strategy.

We work with brands to attract and retain happy customers. We achieve this by helping them to understand what makes their customers tick, building memorable customer experience strategies and creating engaging customer value propositions.
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